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DOJ Seizes $1 Billion in Bitcoin Related To Silk Road Website

The United States government seized more than $1 billion in bitcoins related to the shut down darknet website Silk Road. It is suing for the funds to be formally forfeited. The Bitcoin seizure case is the largest cryptocurrency seizure in … Continue reading

$3.5 Million Seized in Cash and Drugs at Truck Yard Near San Diego

US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents seized more than $3.5 million in cash and drugs from the Sinaloa Cartel in a recent sting operation involving agents from several federal agencies. Three Mexican nationals from the Cartel were charged Nov. … Continue reading

DEA Seizure Letter What to Do

If you have received a DEA seizure letter, this will occur after called notice of seizure of property and initiation of administrative forfeiture proceedings from the DEA. You also may receive a receive a “CAFRA election of proceedings” form from … Continue reading

Bombshell Report  – ICE Seizes Millions With Asset Forfeiture Laws

It was revealed last week in a bombshell report by The Intercept how the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) uses its Asset Forfeiture Handbook to seize millions in cash, real estate and other highly valuable … Continue reading

What Is Civil Forfeiture?

Civil forfeiture is a tool used by law enforcement that allows for the seizure and possible forfeiture of both real and personal property that might have been involved in various types of crimes. Also known as civil asset forfeiture, this … Continue reading

Drug Cartels Recruit Smugglers in High Schools and Bars

Smuggling arrests in Arizona often make people think of foot soldiers from Mexican drug cartels sneaking across the US border in the middle of the night. But according to 10 years of US Customs and Border Protection statistics, as well … Continue reading

How the DEA is Waiting to Seize Your Cash

For most passengers at the airport in Tucson, Arizona, waiting in baggage claim is the last thing to do before going home. But the Tucson baggage claim areas is where federal drug agents are on the lookout for passengers that … Continue reading

Get Cash Back Seized by DEA and Customs

Police can seize your property if it is believed to be evidence of a crime. So how do I get my seized money back? One of the more common areas of controversy regarding police taking property today is civil asset … Continue reading

Police Can Seize Money and Property Without Criminal Charges

The Department of Justice in July announced a new federal policy that allows local and state police to seize cash and property from those who are suspected of crimes, even if criminal charges have not been filed. The issue at … Continue reading

Why The Police Can Confiscate Your Cash with No Crime

So what happens to money seized by police? In recent years, there has been explosive growth in the law enforcement tactic known as civil asset forfeiture. This practice has become more and more controversial, as law enforcement is generally empowered … Continue reading

Feds Still Fighting To Hold Cash Seizure Funds in Nevada

Federal prosecutors are continuing to fight in court to hold onto $167,000 cash that was seized in a Nevada traffic stop in 2013 – even though the driver was never charged with a crime. Further, the feds are doing this … Continue reading

Majority of OK Cash Seizures Involve Blacks and Hispanics

A recent analysis of cash seizure cases in 10 Oklahoma counties found that ⅔ of the cases involved blacks, Hispanics and other minorities. The findings of the study, conducted by Oklahoma Watch, suggest to some that Oklahoma’s asset forfeiture statutes … Continue reading

Cash Seized Airport/TSA/Homeland Security

The Department of Homeland Security is the third largest federal department, and was created after the terrorist attacks that were carried out on September 11, 2001. The agency merged 22 federal agencies designed to integrate the functions that are common … Continue reading

Cash Money Seized by DEA

The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) falls under the Department of Justice and is the arm of that department that deals with the illegal drug trade and is charged with bringing the individuals and groups responsible to justice. This includes both … Continue reading

$20,000 and ½ Pound of Meth Seized in Boone, NC Raid

On April 23, police in the narcotics division of the Boone, North Carolina Police Department concluded a major drug investigation with a large cash and meth seizure. The investigation concluded when the major suspect in the case was put under … Continue reading

Under Civil Forfeiture Laws, You Can Lose Everything Even If You Are Not Charged With a Crime

In 2007, a couple was driving from Houston to Linden, Texas, which is near the TX-LA border. The couple does this trip every year in springtime. This time, they decided to buy a car there, and they put some of … Continue reading

Cash Seized U.S. Customs and Border Patrol Protection

Was your cash or money seized at the Airport or at the Border? The U.S. Customs and Border Patrol agency operates under the Department of Homeland Security. Their primary purpose is to prevent terrorists and their weapons from entering the … Continue reading

Seized Cash and Assets in Drug Busts Pay for Police Work

When police arrest drug dealers in the Fox Valley area of Wisconsin, they do not only seize the drugs or money seized in drug bust. They also seize cash and any other valuable assets that are tied to the illegal … Continue reading

$1.7 Million Seized by Cops In Dismantling Dallas Drug Ring

A large Dallas, TX marijuana trafficking ring pretended they were cowboys taking horses between Texas and Arizona. They were recently arrested and it resulted in the cash seizure of $1.7 million, which is one of the biggest seizures ever for … Continue reading

$4 Million in Cash and Drugs Seized on CA-Mexico Border

Last December, the US Customs and Border Protection AGency seized about $4 million in drugs and cash at various ports of entry on the California-Mexico border in one weekend. CBP officials at the six land ports intercepted 20 different attempts … Continue reading

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